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Environmental Club Continues Paper Recycling Program

A few members of the Secaucus Middle School Environmental Club are shown with the three new recycling bins they purchased through fundraising efforts. The Environmental Club is responsible for the Middle School's paper recycling program and it has recycled more than 15,000 pounds of paper since it began doing so in 2010.
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Narrative Writing with Mrs. Hernandez

Mrs. Hernandez’s 6th Grade Language Arts classes at Secaucus Middle School celebrate the culmination of their first piece of Narrative Writing. Throughout the writing process, students were immersed in the sights, sounds, and smells of the Autumnal/Halloween season. This multi-sensory approach to literacy enhances creativity and creates an in-depth learning experience while teaching elements of plot structure, mood, tone, and suspense.
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Strongman and Inspirational Speaker Vists SMS

Eric Moss is an inspirational speaker who uses super human strength to do feats that not many can do. He has presented at middle/high schools, colleges, corporate offices, large scale shows, and theaters. He performed a mind blowing presentation to the students of SMS and left an inspirational message.
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**Picture Makeup**

Retakes for class pictures has been moved and will be held on Wednesday, November 2nd. Please return original pictures when taking the retake pictures. For more information, feel free to contact the Middle School Main Office.
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Ramp Challenge

Students at Secaucus Middle school created their own ramps for the Ramp Challenge in their S.T.E.M. class. They were challenged to create a ramp that will make a Hot Wheels car travel the greatest distance. While building and testing their ramps they also had to take into consideration the height and angle of their ramps to build the best ramp possible out of recycled materials.
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Investigating the Boston Massacre

Students in Megan Jones’s 6th grade Unites States History class took on the role of both historians and investigators! Students were given "confidential" files upon entering the classroom. Each file had a summary of the Boston Massacre and then four primary sources. Students highlighted, annotated, and summarized these primary sources individually and in pairs. Once students complete their investigation of the primary sources they will be able to decide if justice was served at the Boston Massacre.
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