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**Picture Makeup**

Retakes for class pictures has been moved and will be held on Wednesday, November 2nd. Please return original pictures when taking the retake pictures. For more information, feel free to contact the Middle School Main Office.
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Ramp Challenge

Students at Secaucus Middle school created their own ramps for the Ramp Challenge in their S.T.E.M. class. They were challenged to create a ramp that will make a Hot Wheels car travel the greatest distance. While building and testing their ramps they also had to take into consideration the height and angle of their ramps to build the best ramp possible out of recycled materials.
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Investigating the Boston Massacre

Students in Megan Jones’s 6th grade Unites States History class took on the role of both historians and investigators! Students were given "confidential" files upon entering the classroom. Each file had a summary of the Boston Massacre and then four primary sources. Students highlighted, annotated, and summarized these primary sources individually and in pairs. Once students complete their investigation of the primary sources they will be able to decide if justice was served at the Boston Massacre.
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Stable Shape Design Challenge

STEM students at Secaucus Middle School were challenged to construct a free-standing structure from only a 12x24 inch sheet of paper and 3 yards of tape to see how much weight it cold support. Students learned about structural integrity and practiced incremental goal setting for the amount of weight their structure could hold. They were excited to push just a little bit further as they achieved each goal, expanding their comfort zones and self-efficacy in the process. The sturdiest structures supported over 300 pounds -- all with just paper, tape, and some great engineering!
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