Virtual Report Cards

Please follow the instructions below to access your child's report card:
1) Sign in to your Parent Portal through the website. Click "Resources," then "For Parents," and "Realtime Parent Portal."
2) Type in your Parent Portal user name and password.
3) On the left side menu, click the tab "Grades."
4) Below you will see your child's grade for each subject and marking period. You can click on the small black square box to read comments from your child's teachers.
5) Next to the prompt "Do you acknowledge that you viewed your child's report card?," there will be boxes available to check for each marking period. Please click on these boxes after you have viewed your child's grades.
6) To check if your child has made honor roll, look again to the left side menu and click "Honor Roll." If your child made the Honor Roll, it will say Honor Roll; if they made High Honors, it will say High Honor Roll.
If you have any questions or do not have your Parent Portal login, please contact the main office at 201-974-2025.