The Week of Respect Writing Contest Winners and Students of the Month

Haley Nowak, 6th grade
No matter your skin tone or race,
Everyone should be treated the same.
A small act of kindness can go a long way,
Such as picking up someone's pencil if it rolls away.
Treat people the way you want to be treated
And don't be mean or conceited.
Respect your parents for their love and care
Respect your teachers for always being there
Respect your friends for having your back
And when you are sad, giving you a good laugh.
You should respect strangers too
Like by saying please and thank you
Also remember to respect other people's things
If you borrow something, return it the way it was in the beginning.
Respect is an important key to peace,
We can all be a big happy family.

Aashi Mishra, 6th grade
Everywhere I turn, respect is a must. When I was little, I didn't understand what respect really was. Now that I'm older, I understand what it means. Respect is thanking a veteran who walks into the room and you think, "He's done such commendable things in his life." Respect is walking into a classroom and appreciating that someone is sacrificing their time for your education such as the teachers at Secaucus Middle School and High School, teachers at Huber Street School, and teacher at Clarendon School. Respect is keeping someone's pride to the highest rather than trying to bring them down in public. Respect is doing what your parents tell you to do no matter how much you don't want to do it because the things they tell you to do is for your own benefit. Respect is being kind and honest all the time. Respect is being loyal and compassionate towards other people. Respect is thanking your god for all you have which includes a roof over your head, clothes to wear, a warm meal every day, and a place to get well educated. Most of all, respect is friendship. If you give a person respect and everything it stands for, that is exactly what you will get back. If you give respect to everyone, then everywhere you turn, you will have a friend to help you in your time of need. If you look around yourself then you will find that respect, as small as it may be to some people, can be the key to happiness.

Dylan Romero, 7th grade
If you respect others, they'll respect you back
And then everybody will stay in tact.
You got to be the bigger man, Cause you know you can
And never let anybody stop you in succeeding in your plans.
You got to help out when people need it,
and treat people how they should be treated.
If someone is down you pick them up,
And that's one step closer to becoming a grown up.
I'm not telling you to be everybody's friend,
But in the future, everyone around you
Will be with you to the end.

Abbey Epistola, 7th grade
Hopefully, we all know what respect is. Respect has many different definittions, jsut depends on the type of person you are. To me, respect means to treat others the way you wants to be treated, to show kindness, and to try to make people's days better. Respect hasn't been used quite often lately. Our society has been lacking happiness, and respect is one of the most common reasons for happiness. The past months had many dreadful events that involve no sign of respect from anyone, which leads to an unhappy and unsafe society. This problem could be easily solved just by respecting someone. It will most likely make that person happy, and it will keep passing on from person to person.
Pictured are (from L to R): Dylan Romero, Aashi Mishra, and Haley Nowak (not pictured: Abbey Epistola) (Writing Contest Winners)
Pictured are (from L to R): Samantha Fasciano, Nick Matos, and Amyah Jennings (Students of the Month)