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Teacher Talks

Teacher Talks: Ideas Worth Sharing

Your teachers are opening up about topics that they are passionate about! (That aren’t in their lesson plans!) Once a month one or more teachers will be presenting a topic during lunch. Watch out for flyers and announcements to see who is presenting this month!
January 2020
In January, Ms. Preis presented on movement and meditation. We had a nice group of students, as well as teachers, show up to hear about the healthy ways to relax, relieve stress, and think positive! Check out the pictures from her presentation below.
October 2019
In October, Mrs. Miller and Ms. Williams presented on "The Water Crisis" in Newark and our entire planet. They spoke about how we can save water in our daily lives. We had a great group of students and staff show up to learn about the many ways in which we can all start making a positive impact in our town and on our planet! Check out pictures from their presentation below.
September 2019
In September, Ms. Faro and Ms. Kim presented on their love of travel. We had a nice group of kids (boys and girls) as well as teachers show up to hear about what trips Ms. Kim has planned for her friends and what they learned about each culture when they were visiting! Check out their presentation below.
May 2018
In May, Mrs. Sciscilo spoke to students about the importance of self esteem. This presentation addressed all aspects of the self esteem topic (what self esteem is, how you can build your self esteem, what is positive vs. negative self talk, etc.). The students were able to connect to this topic very well as they continue to grow and build their own self esteem.
March 2018
In March, Ms. Ricciardi presented to a classroom full of students on a topic very important to her and so many across the world: Women in STEM. We were so proud and excited with how many boys showed up to learn about and support Women in STEM as well! Check out her powerful and inspirational presentation below.
January 2018
In January, Ms. Capobianco presented to a classroom full of students on her love for the environment. The Teacher Talk was entitled “Your Environmental Impact”. Check out her presentation here and take the quiz on how large your ecological footprint is.